Actions vs. anxiety

Knowing how to reduce anxiety, and other feelings, if you are on a diet is key to not fail. Theanxiety to be adiet It occurs when you leave high foods incarbohydrates , that generateendorphins atbrain , which causes them to be addictive  and yearn if you do not eat.

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Actions vs. anxiety

An investigation published in theInternational Journal of Eating Disorder , indicates that people who are limiting  Their diet is those who tend to eat more in response to emotions such as stress and anxiety.

Anxiety to a certain degree is 'natural', because when you are tempted to eat something and you have to calm down, you feel that anxiety and it is best to think if your hunger is physical or emotional.

A simple technique to control anxiety is to take a walk, to change ideas and forget about food, it is also good because at the same time you burn calories.

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