Act in seconds!

The fainting they register without any apparent reason, any person can vanish in a second; Therefore, it is important that you learn to act effectively to help and ensure the well-being and health of that someone who needs you.

According to American College of Emergency Physicians , insufficient blood supply to the brain causes loss of knowledge , for a short time, but what can you do when someone faints?


Act in seconds!

Place the person on his back

In this way blood flow to the brain is restored. Elevate your legs approximately 30 centimeters.

Loosen the straps

Unbuckle necklaces, clothing or tight belts, to improve blood circulation.

Check the respiratory tract

Verify that the person breathes normal, that there are signs of movement and normal beats.

Check for injuries

Take care that there is no wound, convulsions or vomiting

It is important that you do not give anything to eat or drink, until the person recovers completely.


Because it happens?

However, there are different circumstances that favor fainting or loss of consciousness: low blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythm, hypoglycemia, stress.

Other factors that influence the registration of fainting are: accumulation of blood in the legs, spending a lot of time standing, insolation, dehydration, excessive sweating, exhaustion, attacks of chronic cough.

Although these causes are simple, it is important that you go with the doctor, because they are also indicators of heart problems, neurological, psychiatric, metabolic and lung disorders.

The recovery after a faint lasts less than a minute, but take care that the person does not get up very quickly, it is best to do it little by little; otherwise the risk of losing consciousness again increases.

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