Acquire flexibility!

A good way to tone up the muscles of the legs and abdomen, at the same time you connect mind with your spirit, is the practice of yoga , which with its different positions like that of Guerrero II , they help you achieve your goal.

According to Mexican Institute of Yoga (IMY), the Warrior posture II maintains correct body alignment; In addition, due to the effort and the conscious meditation that is done during the practice, it helps you to tone muscles of the legs.


Acquire flexibility!

The Warrior posture II strengthens the abdominal wall, provides flexibility and gives stability to your pelvis. If you want to practice it, in the following video of Yoga for beginners , Ana Paula Domínguez, director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga tells you how to do it step by step:

The specialists assure that this yoga posture stretch the groin, chest, lungs and shoulders. It even gives stimulation to the organs of the body. In this way, strengthen your legs, relieve cramps in calves and thighs and gives flexibility to the muscles of the legs and back.

However, if you suffer from hypertension, diarrhea, neck problems or you are in your menstrual period, it is recommended not to do it, to avoid any type of complication. And you, what other yoga posture do you practice to strengthen your legs?

Video Medicine: How to get flexible legs (May 2021).