Acid rain and its health risks

The summer It is the rainy season of the year par excellence; On the one hand, it can be very beneficial for the agricultural sector. In contrast, for the cities it generally represents a conflict since the pace of life is diminished. Among the big problems of cities, such as the Mexico City , are the high rates of pollution due to the high population and industrial concentration; which, when combined with the atmospheric humidity becomes acid rain .

The acid rain is the result of the saturation of polluting elements in the atmosphere; This is formed when the humidity in the air is combined with the oxides of nitrogen and dioxide sulfur issued by factories, power plants and vehicles that burn carbon or products derived from Petroleum . In interaction with water vapor, these gases form sulfuric acid Y nitric acids . Finally, these chemicals fall to the ground accompanying the precipitation, constituting the acid rain .

While it has not been proven that acid rain causes direct harmful effects In human health, we must not lose sight of the possible long-term consequences. The potential risks are related to the continuous exposure to their precursors, sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOX); However, the acid rain May cause indirect effects , since acidified waters can dissolve metals and toxic substances of soils, rocks, pipes and pipes that are transported to the systems of drinking water .

In areas affected by acid rain with a high content of heavy metals , there is the possibility, due to its high residues, that these metals are absorbed by plants, lichens and algae of terrestrial or aquatic ecosystems and affect higher organisms (fish, birds, mammals, etc.), including man , after consuming and accumulating considerable amounts, by means of the food chain , which does mean dangerous repercussions on your health. Either way, try not to expose yourself to direct contact with acid rain, it is not too much to prevent any contact with the skin.

In Mexico, the SIMAT (Atmospheric Monitoring System, of the Ministry of the Environment ) monitors the levels of some heavy metals in our atmosphere. We recommend that you keep alert of the indications of that instance so that you take the appropriate measures, if necessary.

Source: SIMAT

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