Achieves a flat stomach

The American Physical Therapy Association points out that if you want to recover your figure after pregnancy you gradually resume physical activity. After six weeks of Birth you could start with a series of exercises for reduce the abdomen .

One of the recommended routines is the hypopressive abdominal gymnastics . These exercises were designed given the need to change the methods of abdominal muscle training for postpartum recovery.

Hypopressive techniques, created by Marcel Caufriez by Marcel Caufriez, Doctor in Motor Sciences and specialized in rehabilitation , are a series of exercises rhythmic, repetitive and sequential postures that allow strengthen the pelvic floor , reduce the volume of the abdomen and the tension from the area intraabdominal .


Achieves a flat stomach

Piti Pinsach , professor of International Organization of Neuromyostatica , points out that this technique is viable to adapt it to the field of exercise physical for aesthetic improvements and health.

Next the series of exercises so you can reduce the "belly" after delivery. Remember all the time to master the breath and contract the abdomen.

The sessions of hypopressive gymnastics are done half an hour. Every position must stay between 10 Y 30 seconds . The routine that can be done daily.

The recommendation is that these exercises practice with comfortable clothes and if you can with a top to verify that the movement is appropriate. It is also advisable to do it in front of a mirror or to fresh air for better ventilation of the lungs.

Specialists recommend that if the Birth it was because Caesarean section it is better to wait until after the postnatal check-up and it is necessary talk with the doctor about the type of exercise what can you start doing? Do you think this activity does help reduce the abdomen after the Birth ?

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