Accidents can cause head trauma

Unfortunately, the cranial traumatisms they are the first cause of death during the first forty years of life in our current society. 50% of patients suffering from severe head trauma die and, in most cases, could have been avoided if they had used the seat belt of the car or the crash helmet in case of traveling in motorcycle or bike .

Because of the large number of deaths caused by cranial traumatisms , this issue becomes a public health problem. To learn more, the Dr. Eduardo Fernández García , General Surgeon of the Hospital del Carmen in the city of Guadalajara, he talks about it.

What are the main causes of head injuries?

Many injuries are caused by a strong impact, either by a sudden acceleration (when a ball hits the head) or a slowdown (a blow to the head with a wall), the brain It can be affected both at the point of impact and at the opposite pole.

How frequent are these types of injuries?

In the first four decades of life, specifically from the first year to the age of 44, in general, only the cardiovascular diseases s, degenerative and tumors surpass trauma cases, that is, these conditions only affect adults or the elderly; on the other hand the trauma It can affect any age.

Newborns, adolescents, adults and the elderly can suffer at any time an accident that causes them this type of injuries .

What can be done in these cases?

The first thing to look for is to prevent, and in case of any accident you should seek timely attention.

"80% of the accidents that cause cranial traumatisms happen mainly due to the excess of speed and the lack of seat belt , so it is very important not to trust and use the security measures relevant at all times.

Up to 50% of cranioencephalic lesions caused by car accidents , can be avoided with the use of the seatbelt.

Another important measure is to take the children in the back seat of the car, since in an accident it is very difficult for a person to manage to hold with enough force a small child.

In this type of accidents people who are in the front do not have the strength to stop, so it is very important that they wear the belt .

What are the types of injuries considered as trauma?

These are injuries caused by:

  1. Car accidents (crashes and run over)
  2. Drowning
  3. Burns
  4. Injury by firearm
  5. Motorcycle or bicycle accidents, among others

Can bicycles also cause serious injuries?

The bicycle accidents they are common among children, and a large percentage suffer injuries in the head because of the lack of use of protective helmets . The use of the helmet reduces up to 85% of the chances of suffering cranial injuries .

It is very important that people become aware of the security measures , which in most of the cases they can save life.

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