Abdominoplasty vs flaccidity of the abdomen

Many people are constantly looking for alternatives to look and feel better. The possibilities of improving physical appearance thanks to the plastic surgery they are very broad, one of them is the tummy tuck . On the subject, the Dr. Manuel García Velasco , specialist in plastic surgery of the Angeles Lomas Hospital , explains that it is a procedure with which the flaccidity of the skin of the abdomen and the problems of musculature of the belly that usually occur after a pregnancy or a process of thinning .


Who are the candidates?

The women who pregnancies multiple present stretch marks Y flaccidity in the womb. It can also be applied for cases in which there has been a significant weight loss after some treatment or procedure, for example, if the patient has a gastric band.


What is the procedure?

After checking the patient's good health, by means of preoperative studies, the procedure that consists of removing a "fan" of skin between the pubis and the navel; then the skin of the upper part of the abdomen and the navel is reconstructed. The muscles straight from abdomen They come together forming a kind of internal corset, with which the belly is much firmer.

Occasionally a liposuction that allows you to remove fat deposits in the hip and in the waist , which helps improve the contour of the belly.


How is the recovery process?

The patient remains hospitalized one or two nights and recovery is a gradual process. The patient must use a belt and to carry out certain activities gradually. You can start walking and make some exercises light so that musculature of the abdomen regains strength.


Can complications occur?

They can be presented the same as any other surgery in which anesthetics are administered, as well as some infection or the training of clots , although fortunately there are few cases.

Regarding complications inherent in the procedure, one of the main problems that may arise is the cicatrization, because it can open some point and bleed. Fortunately, these complications are minimal, the percentage is less than 5%.

Who most frequently resort to this procedure?

Women between 30 and 45 years old, who after having had babies are left with the flaccid abdomen . It should be noted that the results of the tummy tuck They are very good in the long term.

If the patient does not get fat, the appearance of the abdomen even improves with time; Of course, it is necessary to perform exercise and take care of the diet so as not to gain weight. It is also important to note that the tummy tuck must perform it Plastic Surgeon

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