A world surrounds you!

Each of us has an inner world that is full of our memories, lived experiences, emotions felt, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, meanings. From that place we understand the world and communicate with each other. From there we try to see the other, but, Can you hear it?

Unfortunately, on many occasions we are unable to see the other because we only see it based on what the other can do for me, or what he gives me, or what he does not give me.


A world surrounds you!

Each of us continually needs recognition to our existence. When someone asks me how I feel or how I am, or what I think or feel about something, is trying to enter that "virtual house" in which I live. Opening the door and letting him know those corners of my life is always comforting. We stop feeling isolated at least at times.

In many "conversations" (and I put it in quotation marks because they can not be called that) the other only speaks of what happened to him, of what he needs, of what concerns him, but he does not ask anything of his interlocutor. It is a kind of discharge, of throwing to whom you leave your complaints, your fears, your anxieties . And that's fine, if it's not the only way to be with the other.

When we came out of such a meeting, we were left with a sensation strange, as if mine did not matter. When someone does not see us, the desire to be with that person diminishes. Let's try to see the other. Ask and develop the patience to listen carefully, without judgments, without interrupting, without jumping to give our opinion.

It is the antidote against loneliness. When we give that gift of seeing the other, that other will want our company more, and we will surely have learned something.