A wonder for your body!

The green drinks They are a real treat for your body. Taking them brings enormous benefits, since by containing a mixture of natural ingredients - vegetables, fruits, herbs and vegetables - they provide you with a series of nutrients for keeping you healthy .

For example, juices It can be a good option for people that we like or do not usually consume fruits Y vegetables .


Gayl Canfield , director of nutrition for the United States Pritkin Longevity Center , says that "the juices offer the same vitamins , minerals and phytonutrients that eat whole fruits and vegetables; the water it contains can help you to be hydrous ”.

So you can enjoy your benefits and consider including them in your diet , GetQoralHealth presents you with a list of 5 amazing things that happen in your body when you drink green drinks .


A wonder for your body!

Mónica De La Paz Múzquiz , Health Coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition , says that drinking green drinks is one of the effective methods to cleanse the body. By removing the fiber your system digestive rests and the body eliminates toxins .

1. Burning fat . Combining vitamins , minerals and fiber they help burn fats . The vegetables are low in calories . Some beverages contain EGCG, a compound limits the absorption of grease in the body.

2. Active metabolism. A study of Journal of the American Diabetic Association confirms that there are green foods that help accelerate the metabolism for their inulin content and for their speed in processing the sugar of the blood .

3. Improves circulation. The beverages contain ingredients that help strengthen the arteries and blood vessels, in addition, help the stomach to absorb nutrients Y oxygen so that the blood gets the necessary elements to circulate throughout the body.

4. Prevents cellulite. The amino acids and antioxidants which contain some drinks like juices and green tea stimulate circulation and improve the digestion of fats , which prevents the accumulation of debris under the skin.

5. Combat aging. There are beverages with a high content of antioxidants that help to mitigate the damage caused to the cells because of the free radicals which are molecules that the body produces exposure to environmental factors. Foods rich in vitamins A, C and E, beta carotenes, lutein and lycopene are the most recommended.

In addition to including green drinks to be healthy, remember the importance of having a diet balanced diet that includes protein, dairy, grains, fruits, vegetables and fats, recommends Jennifer Nelson , director of clinical dietetics and nutrition in the Mayo Clinic of the United States . You are ready to enjoy the benefits of these drinks!