A tool for your life

Understand the numbers important in life, like those of your birth date, can help you have a healthier relationship with yourself. And knowing and interpreting those of others is good so that you can understand their behavior .


Characteristics like temperament , the areas to overcome, conduct, internal resources to get ahead and the purpose of life, are governed by the date we are born, "says the numerologist Claudia Sánchez .


A tool for your life

As long as you align yourself to your purpose of life you generate more fullness, on the contrary, if you move away you will have sadness and a kind of restlessness that will prevent you from moving forward in various aspects of your life.

It is in this sense that when you learn to decipher what the numbers they say about you for your day, month and year of birth, you look at your behavior and you make a comparative, you can achieve to accept yourself as you are as well as to direct your efforts on the right path to success.


The numerology It helps you to make decisions with more awareness, to adapt to the changes that occur to you, to discover what are the internal tools for succeed in the life. In short, it helps you to be a better person in every way, "says Sanchez.

Likewise, one of the main objectives of the numerology is to help you create better processes for forgive . Sometimes when you ask people for things that they can not give you, you can suffer a lot because you do not understand that they simply can not.


For example, you may be asking your partner to communicate more with you, but it turns out that he is a person who has a double or triple seven on his birth date. This indicates that he speaks little, not because he does not want to, but because it is not part of his personality ", explains the expert.

Through the understanding of your loved ones you can begin to forgive what you have not received from them, realize that it is not something personal against you, but simply that is their personality .

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