A temporary vice

The food , the dream , the sex , just like him power or the prestige are pleasures at your fingertips When you have the luxury of splurging on them, you have felt what they call "guilty pleasure" , but why does this sensation arise?

Researchers of the University of Michigan explains the cause of this great paradox.

The pleasure it makes you feel guilty because the feeling of satisfying that desire increases your level of satisfaction Y joy , Explain Norbert Schwarz , Marketing professor at the University of Michigan .

The feeling of guilt is justified with the reward you feel with that "taste". For example, if you gave in to a craving, like eating a cake while on a diet, you justify it with pretexts as I will do more exercise in the week.


A temporary vice

The guilt it's just that feeling that makes us realize that we did something wrong and maybe we have to fix it.

The guilt that it feels to unleash the pleasure It is ephemeral and temporary. Only a few days are enough for that feeling to disappear, since the brain keeps this kind of memory.

Schwarz affirms that the reconstructive memory is more in line with expectations than with experience. That is, if you think you will feel guilt by yielding to pleasures, you can not really "remember" until you make a exercise of memory .

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