A simple fall can change your life

Over the years, the reflexes no longer work as before. A long series of changes in vision, hearing, muscle strength and coordination are occurring. The balance can also be affected and cause falls. This happened to 77-year-old Jaqueline Andere, who suffered a sharp fall to reveal the plaque for the 100 performances of the staging of 'La Cage de las Locas'.

Fortunately, the actress was supported by her daughter Chantal Andere and the rest of the cast that was close to her and the mishap was not serious.

Precautions and prevention of falls and fractures

The simplest actions help prevent accidents. Make your home a safe place. For example, on stairs and corridors, check for good lighting; Keep areas where you walk clean and check that all carpets are secured to the floor so they do not slip. On tile or wood floors, place non-slip strips and install handrails along the ladder and on both sides.

In bathrooms, install bars near toilets as well as inside and outside the bathtub and / or shower, and place non-slip mats or bands on all surfaces that may get wet. In your room, put lamps and light switches near the bed, as well as your phone. Keep electrical and telephone wires away from the areas where you walk and secure all carpets and rugs firmly to the floor to prevent tripping. Make sure that the height of your sofas and chairs is adequate so that you can sit and stand up easily.


A simple fall can change your life

Have a bone densitometry to measure the mineral density of your bones and see the possibility of ingesting any medication or vitamin supplement that strengthens them. With your doctor, develop a special exercise program that helps you stay strong, improve muscle tone and maintain the flexibility of your joints, tendons and ligaments.

Experts point out that some minimal weight-bearing exercises, such as walking and climbing stairs, can slow bone loss due to osteoporosis.

Have eye and ear exams often: any change, however small, can affect your stability. Check with your doctor about the side effects of the medications you are taking, as some may affect your coordination and balance.

If you drink alcohol, limit your consumption since even a small amount can affect your balance and reflexes. Use a cane or walker that makes you feel more stable when you walk; This is very important in areas that you do not know well or in places where pedestrian crossings are not level. Wear shoes with rubber sole and low heel that offer good support for the feet. And remember that walking only in stockings or flat-soled shoes on stairs or on waxed floors can be dangerous.

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