A peculiar aroma

If you are very careful with your personal hygiene, you may put perfume on your nails.

However, there is an area that you may be forgetting: behind the ears. Maybe you have never noticed or you did not know that you can have bad smell behind the ears .


A peculiar aroma

"Why does it smell like cheese behind my ear?" Is one of the questions commonly found in health forums.

To check if it also happens, just put one of your fingers in the area and rub it. Sometimes, it is so penetrating that it permeates it.

If you detect it, do not be scared! This is quite common, and increases if you do any physical activity or use large hearing aids, because they promote perspiration.

Remember that pores produce fat, but if we add other factors, it tends to accumulate, as does the stench.


How to avoid it?

Fighting the bad smell behind the ears is quite simple. Here we leave you 4 alternatives:


1. Grapeseed oil

The advantage of essential oils is that they disguise the unpleasant aromas for a while. Just put a drop on your finger and spread it in the area.


2. Alcohol

A quick and economical way to get rid of it, as it cuts away any oil residue produced by the body. Place it with a cotton swab.


3. Baby wipes

Just rub them in the area and remove it immediately. Always load a package in your bag.


4. Perfume after bath

Once you finish showering and you dry your hair, apply a little perfume in the area. This is the easiest way to be protected since you start the day.


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