A love takes out another love ...

"A nail drives out another nail." It is a saying frequently used to overcome a breakup or to forget a person who does not love or hurt us; However, is it possible to forget an old love through another?

According to a study conducted by the Queens College and the University of Illinois to 313 young adults, it was found that the best way to heal a wounded heart is being with another person.


A love takes out another love ...

The research published by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, notes that people who started a relationship after finishing the previous one, they showed having a self esteem less damaged, more confident in dating and in their abilities to fall in love and were less hooked by their former partners.

However, if at this time you are suffering from a disappointment and do not want to start a new relationship, Here we offer some keys for you to recover, with information from the sexologist Alessandra Rampolla.

1. Let everything flow. At first let yourself release that feeling of sadness and even anger. Talk to your friends about what happened, but set a time limit: one week or 15 days at the most.

2. Do not analyze your ex. After a break, you may feel "tempted" to talk about your ex. However, he and what was or happened should be a thought that should be far from your mind.

3. Generate new projects. Now that you are no longer with him, it is likely that you have more time for yourself. And why use that valuable time in lamenting and feeling bad, when you could use it to carry out those projects that take time you want to do?

Love, as the ruptures are experiences that every human being faces at some point in their life, but they have a learning that can help for a future relationship.Remember that your emotional health depends on you.