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The obesity , overweight and others cardiovascular diseases could be fought through the so-called "functional foods", that is, those added with ingredients capable of producing benefits to human health, revealed José Ángel Pérez , of the Miguel Hernández University, of Alicante, Spain.

The health expert recommends the consumption of these functional foods, enriched with vitamin D and calcium, for example, to "multiply the benefits of a healthy diet by two," especially when it comes to preventing osteoporosis , the obesity and decrease the symptoms of menopause . Among the most prominent functional foods are:


1. Enriched milk and fermented milk

They are milks rich in omega 3 acids (EPA and DHA) They help reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases or different types of Cancer , improving even the development of nervous tissue itself and visual functions, also reducing inflammatory processes. See photo gallery .


2. Enriched milk and yogurt

They come with vitamins A and D, calcium, or with phosphorus and zinc; mainly help the development of bones and teeth, preventing the appearance of osteoporosis , favoring the absorption of calcium and improves the immune system.


A little more

The concept of Functional Foods was born in Japan. In the eighties. This new food concept focuses on developing products that improve people's health and reduce the risk of suffering from various diseases.

Some examples of functional foods, include those added with minerals , vitamins , fatty acids or fiber food products with biologically active substances, such as phytochemicals or others ant antioxidants , and the probiotics , that have live cultures of beneficial microorganisms

In response to the growing interest in this type of food, new products have appeared and now the interest is centered on the need to establish norms and guidelines that regulate the development and advertising of such foods.

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