A bombardment of negativity

Every time we use more social networks to share our opinions, daily activities, emotions, images and much more. But, there are those who abuse this medium to express their depressive ideas. Why do they do it?

"I'm worth nothing", "everything goes wrong", "today I woke up from bad", "I want to disappear from this world", are the kind of phrases that some people write on their Facebook walls, or even yours. They are negative thoughts, and for many, it has become a way of life, a way of making friends and draw attention.


A bombardment of negativity

Facebook can be an adequate space to maintain and strengthen relationships with other people and express emotions, however, there are those who, due to their low self-esteem, bombard their contacts with negative messages about their lives; they only make pessimistic phrases, unpleasant thoughts or anecdotes.

When these types of expressions are constant, it causes their authors to become undesirable for others. This is what the study of the University of Waterloo (Canada) published in the magazine Psychological Science.

The researchers verified that people with self esteem low perceive the social network as a safe place to avoid social situations in which they may feel insecure; they prefer to communicate through the network and avoid personal contact. They use Facebook as a showcase to show their conflicts and insecurities.


Social networks as a drain

Low self-esteem is a frequent companion of depression. According to various studies, some people with depression connect to the Internet to improve their mood; They seek to speak with someone and express their pain. However, many of them are not prudent, they talk without analyzing what they say and to whom.


Be prudent in the Face

Facebook can serve as a means to find out and share wishes, concerns, fears, thoughts, etc. If you enjoy doing it, do it, but with caution.

If you find friends or acquaintances who always bombard you with these kinds of phrases, do not get hooked, try to understand why they do it, answer if you wish, but do not get infected by those thoughts of despair and apathy for living

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