9 things you should not say to those who have cancer

The Cancer It is one of the most difficult diseases to assimilate because it is often, in many cases, synonymous with death or suffering . However, the implications emotional They are equally strong because of the enormous impact of accepting that they are sick.

While it is vital for sick people to have the support of your family , sometimes the lack of information and tact makes it easier for a comment, without being ill-intentioned, to end up hurting or making people feel bad Cancer .

Therefore, we give you some recommendations to avoid saying something that hurts your feelings or cause a very uncomfortable moment:

1. Do not ask: Is there anything I can do? unless you mean it. When one is sick, ask for help It is exhausting and can also make you feel guilty or pathetic. 2. Do not ignore someone with Cancer just because you do not know what to say. Say something authentic and from the heart. 3. Avoid questions about the mortality . "What are your possibilities?" and "How much time do you have?" which greatly affect people with Cancer . 4. Do not talk about your friend , family or known that he died of Cancer . 5. Avoid at all costs nicknames that refer to the person's illness. It can be very offensive, even if they are a joke. 6. Do not pressure who has Cancer Regarding going with doctors, take treatments , medicines , etc. You will end up overwhelming them and putting them in a negative state. Just emphasize the results that have been obtained.

7. Do not be too repetitive with phrases like "Everything will be fine", if the patient feels scared or angry . Instead, you can be a good listener. 8. Do not tell someone who has just found out about your disease : "Wow, that's horrible." We know that it is, but they do not need you to remember it all the time. 9. If you said or did something offensive , out of place or in bad taste, do not act as if nothing had happened. It is more advisable apologize , the person with Cancer will understand that sometimes they are committed mistakes .

Remember that first of all people with this condition require great support and samples of sweetie Y solidarity ; However, because it is a new situation for everyone, it is not unforgivable to commit error , both of them and of the people around them. Respect Y understanding they will be fundamental.

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