9 patients' rights

In order to inform and advise patients and / or family members living with diseases such as Cancer , arthritis , lymphoma , problems of liver health Y lung cancer , several free talks were held so that people know what their rights as patients are.


About, Hiram Reyes Cordero , member of the Mexican Association of Relatives and Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (AMEPAR), said: "An informed patient has power, to make better decisions; demand their rights and have a better quality of life. All people have the right to health, but sometimes ignorance is stronger. "


On the other hand, Regina María Trillo , of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), highlighted some of the health rights of all Mexicans:


1. Receive adequate medical attention and treatment, even in case of emergency
2. Receive a dignified and respectful treatment
3. Obtain sufficient, clear, timely and truthful information
4. Participate in making decisions about any act related to your illness
5. Right to confidentiality of information and access to a medical record
6. Have medical facilities, to obtain a second opinion, regarding your illness and / or illness
7. Receive psychosocial support for yourself and your family during the process of your illness
8. Have your clinical record
9. Respect for their physical and emotional integrity, as well as their values ​​and beliefs


In this regard, it was made clear that all patients have the right to a dignified life and Trillo, made it clear that they can contact the CNDH, to report any complaint, and assured that they will be followed up to resolve their demands.


In the informative talk, about 200 people attended. They participated in the Mexican Liver Health Foundation (FundHepa), Ale Foundation Organ Donation , AMEPAR , Breathing with Value , Gerardo Alfaro Association , Teresa of Jesus Foundation (FUTEJE) and the Mexican Association for the Fight against Cancer (AMLCC)


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