9 habits that damage your teeth

There are many factors that can currently damage your teeth , however, most of them can be prevented and the main way to do it is with an adequate oral hygiene Y healthy eating habits .

Smoke it is definitely one of the worst habits that harms the whole organism, not only oral health. But there are many more that you should avoid.

Although there are few things more difficult than changing habits , you must propose to modify these bad habits that spoil your teeth :

1. Use the teeth as a tool . If you usually uncover the soft drink bottles with the teeth , these can fracture and wear . They are also damaged if you use them to open medicine bottles and cardboard or paper containers.

2. Cut with the teeth. Although it seems easier, it is not recommended that you use them to cut yarns, diurex, plastic and other materials, due to the wear they suffer.

3. Biting the nails . In addition to not being hygienic and making your fingers, in fact, your hands suffer injuries, this habit increases the chances that you suffer bruxism .

4. Eat sweet gummies . The gummies they stick to teeth , and the sugar (and the acids it produces) remain in contact with them for hours, causing damage to the tooth enamel .

5. Chew ice . Doing it frequently or in large quantities can fracture teeth or cracks.

6. Eat french fries. The starch which they contain turns into acid, which can attack teeth Up to 20 minutes. If you eat them, try to brush your teeth and use floss as soon as possible.

7. Biting pencils or pens . It's just like chewing ice, you can fracture the teeth .

8. Excessive force . Brush your teeth with great force or with a hard bristle brush , can cause retraction of gums and over sensitivity in them.

9. Brush your teeth with horizontal movements . Wear the tooth enamel . The correct is brush them with circular movements.

Even if you can not eliminate all of these habits at once, start small, and if possible, start by leaving the most dangerous first, like the cigarette . Do not forget to visit the dentist regularly and keep a good oral hygiene .