8 unmistakable signs that he loves you!

You've been with your lover for a while now, but you still do not feel sure of his love for you. These are the unmistakable signs that your partner loves you and is serious with you.


It tells you how beautiful you are

Just as it is important to see you with love, so are the words you use to address yourself as: beautiful, beautiful, love ...


Support your goals


In a relationship it is essential to have the unconditional support of your partner. Thus, he should support the dreams and goals you have, not only with respect to your personal life, but professionally.


Come out with your friends


Yes, maybe your friends do not become your best friends, but at least you have the disposition to live and go out with them, because you know how important they are to you.


Get along well with your family


Despite the nerves that you can get to know your family for the first time, he will always make the effort to get involved in activities that include them and to know them better, because he knows that he will live with them frequently (and more if you are very attached to your family) .


The decisions are of both


That is, when they go out and there is some place that does not love it, but knows that you do, then you are able to give in and get involved in those activities, be interested and have a good time.


He kisses you every day


And he knows that physical contact is important so that the couple can feel more united, and because, in addition, he loves you so much that he always wants to feel close.


They have discussions

This may seem a bit strange, but it's true. If you are not willing to push yourself to your limits and challenge yourself, then you do not care enough.

If he prefers not to have an argument with you, even though this may strengthen his relationship, it is simply not for you.


He respects you


If he does not respect you or is abusive to you, it's simple: he does not love you. Probably never love you and it would be best to move forward.

A man who loves you, will seek your personal well-being and will seek to grow in the relationship, so do not settle for less.

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