8 tips to control your weight at Christmas

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) invites citizens to this holiday season people move and perform sport , since on average there are four kilos that a person goes up at the time of Christmas.

That is, one size more. Therefore, IMSS specialist indicate that the salads They are an excellent alternative in Christmas dinners, as well as cooking with wholemeal flour, instead of refined.

Health experts indicate that those who perform sport constantly does not require great limitations in food to lose or stay in weight, since the key is work out and eat everything, but in moderation.

According to the IMSS, this season we must:

1. Walk daily for 30 minutes.
2. To drink two liters of natural water.
3. Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits .
4. Consume low fat meats like fish and chicken.
5. Reduce the intake of flours and sugars.
6. Avoid the refreshments .
7. Moderate the consumption of natural juices; prefer whole fruits.
8. Drinking punch , but with little sugar.

The key is burn more calories of those that are ingested. Otherwise, you will gain weight and, as a result, illnesses such as overweight , the obesity , hypertension , diabetes , etc.

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