8 tips for moving to a retirement home

Your elderly relatives are among the most important people in your life. When the time comes and they have to be moved to a retirement home, or if they live with you, remember to take special care.


The elderly tend to be undoubtedly too sensitive with the fact of moving to another place. Therefore, it is important to consider the following tips to help you make the transition easier.

1. Be kind: Although this may seem simple, always remember to be nice to your elders; help them to solve their things and pack their belongings when necessary, keep in mind that there will be impediments to do everything they were used to. Offer them help in cleaning and above all, avoid criticizing them.


2. Help maintain order: Like everyone else, older people tend to keep things unnecessary; If you want to get rid of some, suggest to donate them to some institution.

However, if the item is valuable to them and is something they would like to have, but the space in their new home is not enough, try to keep it in the family.


3. Take photos of your home: If possible, take pictures of the interior of your room. Keep a record of where to place your items and try to put them in a similar way so that your new home has, as much as possible, an aspect similar to the previous one.


Be as detailed as possible, from the distribution of the furniture in the bedroom to the placement of valuables. This can give them a feeling that they are in their new home.


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4. Find out the distribution of the new home : It is important that you find out how much space the new place has. If you move from an apartment to a single room, it is important to decide what can be maintained. As noted, try to keep your valuables or keep them in your family if possible.


5. Dedicate time: Take a day off to spend exclusively with your elders. Assign small tasks such as answering the phone or arranging the desk. Twenty minutes a day in a single task is enough to make the elderly feel useful.

In addition, it is necessary for them to decide what they would like to do and what is difficult for them to carry out.

6. Give enough time : Do not rush them. It is important to give them time to assimilate the changes.


7. Look for outside help: If you are having difficulty dealing with change, both emotionally and physically, there are institutions that can handle this problem. There are some, in fact, that specialize in moving older people, providing comfort for both you and them.


8. Be patient: Provide enough time to say goodbye. It is normal to take some time to clean your desk drawers, due to the images they may find. Give them time to remember.


Moving older people to a new place is very difficult. Consider the above steps for a successful and worry-free decision.

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