8 out of 10 children suffer from asthma

The asthma affects 80% of the child population, that is, 8 out of 10 children have this chronic inflammatory disease that affects the bronchi. This reversible inflammatory condition is characterized by an abundant secretion of mucus and spasms, which generates dry cough with phlegm, vomit and whistles in the chest. But, you know what is the asthma and how is it acquired?

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, the pediatric pulmonologist, Mercedes Yencen Valenzuela , explain what is the asthma and to whom it affects:


If you already know what asthma is, know its causes

The risk factors for contracting asthma they are the inheritance genetics , the allergy to certain foods such as wheat or nuts, environmental conditions, stress , pollen, pets, infections respiratory, solvents, irritants, tobacco smoke, among others.

When a person has asthma He usually tires very quickly, has difficulty concentrating, lack of appetite, delayed physical development, paleness and night sweats. However, in order to have a correct diagnosis, a pulmonary examination or a spirometry .

The asthmatic patient needs special care, through medications and actions that will help to have a good quality of life, such as inhalotherapy .

People who do not have family with asthma, can prevent the appearance of this disease When drinking water, eating a balanced diet, taking vitamin complexes, avoiding the intake of cold foods, not exposing yourself to sudden changes in temperature and avoiding contaminated places. And you, do you know what asthma is?

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