8 data you did not know about the reproductive system

Enjoy a sexuality Full and secure is paramount to our physical and mental health; However, many times we do not know that there is beyond the genitals, so check what you did not know about the reproductive system.

According to information published in Livescience , the reproductive system is integrated by the internal and genital organs, and has the capacity to give life, but, what is beyond what we know?


8 data you did not know about the reproductive system


  1. It has the largest and smallest cells. The man generates the smallest in the form of sperm, while the woman has the largest: the ovule.
  2. Size of the penis The average size of the male member is less than 15 centimeters long.
  3. Vaginal acidity The average PH of the vagina It is 4.5, similar to that of a tomato. This acidity is due to the numerous microorganisms found in the vagina.
  4. Gametos . Men have more reproductive cells than women, since it produces more than 500 billion sperm in all his life.
  5. Ejaculation . During ejaculation, a healthy man releases about 1.2 million sperm.
  6. Birth control. Contraception was born four thousand years ago.
  7. Infertility . This problem is very common, since it is considered that a person is infertile when they have not conceived after having sex for a year, without protection.
  8. Two wombs? Some people are born with two wombs because the development of the reproductive system is not done correctly. This condition called didelphic or double uterus affects one of two thousand women in the world.

Remember that to keep your reproductive system healthy, it is necessary that you go for periodic check-ups with a specialist. Also, do not forget to protect yourself every time you have sex. And you, do you know 100% your sexuality?

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