8 changes to fill you with energy

Sometimes people often feel tired physically or mentally, anxious or overwhelmed, and do not know how to get energy to continue with their lives; however, with some small changes in their habits they could regain their vitality.

By implementing these tips to get energy, your good mood, happiness and, above all, the positive attitude that helps you overcome any eventuality will return. Know them!

1. Exercise. According to the Nutriologist Joy Bauer, collaborator of the Today Health portal, When performing any daily physical activity for 30 minutes, whether stretching, sit-ups or biking, the production of endorphins increases, hormones that stimulate good mood and vitality.

2. Eat Omega-3. Include this type of fatty acids in the diet at least three times a week; You can find it in salmon, sardines, chia and nuts. It will help activate your brain and improve your mood.

3. Recognize your efforts . Give yourself five minutes to think about your daily achievements and be proud of it. In addition to raising your spirits, you will get an inspiration to overcome those successes.

4. Include ginseng in your diet. This plant gives you back the lost energy, according to Botanical-online.com. You can use it in infusions or to enrich your dishes.

5. Know your body. In the book 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget It is detailed that there is a natural flow of energy in the body, that is, in the mornings we feel slower than in the afternoon.

Therefore, know your energy levels and try to organize your activities according to them. For example, organize the heaviest activities in the schedules that you will be most active.

6. Take a nap. Close your eyes for five or 10 minutes so that your mind and body relax. When you wake up you will feel full of energy and with a positive attitude.

7. Deep breaths. Spend five minutes to stretch your arms, back, legs and neck while doing deep inhalations. This will oxygenate your brain and allow you to think more clearly and recover the lost energy.

8. Massage When a person feels tired and stressed, it is best to massage the points where tension builds up like shoulders, neck and head. By feeling more relaxed you will have a positive vision of life, your productivity will increase.

On the other hand, laughter is one of the actions that fill you with energy in a second, it will end boredom, stress and fatigue. Just enough that you remember something curious or that you live a little with your co-workers. And you, how do you get energy to have a good quality of life?

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