8 benefits of Sancha Inchi

The Sacha Inchi it is a seed that belongs to the oilseeds; is a plant that grows in the Peruvian jungle that accelerates the metabolism and help improve the memory .

According to a study by the Cornell University , this seed has a high content of proteins and oil rich in vitamin A and E.

The Sacha Inchi It is consumed naturally, as if it were peanuts or nuts. However, its oil is the one that contains the largest number of nutrients, since it has Omega 3 , which is a good fat for the organism.


1. Fortifies the heart and stabilizes the blood pressure .

2. Reduce the level of cholesterol bad in the blood .

3. Streamlines brain functions linked to memory .

4. It helps maintain the balance of metabolism .

5. Is a antioxidant natural.

6. Strengthens the immune system .

7. Prevents the aging premature.

8. It has protective effects against the development of some types of Cancer .

Thanks to your concentration of Omega 3 It is one of the most nutritious and depurative oilseeds.

In addition, it favors the elimination of toxins and therefore the loss of weight. Experts recommend including it in the diet as a half day snack. Enjoy your meal!

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