8 benefits of mud therapy

If there is a treatment that has been used successfully since ancient times, it is undoubtedly the fangotherapy . In ancient Egypt, the properties of mud, mud and clays were used to heal wounds, blows and even inflammations of organs like the kidney , the liver or the stomach . Nowadays, the use of these elements has a rather aesthetic and cosmetic purpose, since their properties contribute to having a skin more radiant

It is very important to differentiate between mud and clay. Although these are two types of clay, clay is obtained from the earth, while the mud comes from the bottom of the sea or from the springs. They are very similar but with certain nuances since the mud has a greater amount of trace elements and therefore its properties and uses are greater.


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1. The thermal mud has magnesium, copper, zinc and silicon, large cell regenerators and in charge of reactivating the training of elastin Y collagen . Therefore, its use is ideal to strengthen and tighten the skin, besides being a great cell regenerator and eliminate toxins housed under the skin .

2. Like clay, another of its great properties is the elimination of the excesses of grease . Due to the minerals it possesses and its great absorption property, mud therapy is an excellent treatment for oily skin prone to acne , cleaning the pores in depth.

3. This therapy also improves and stimulates blood circulation , tones and reaffirms. For these properties it is sometimes used against cellulitis .

4. Depending on the temperature in which it is applied, we can obtain different treatments. For example, the mud used at 45 ° is an excellent treatment for bone injuries, arthritis or rheumatism, while used at 35 ° reactivates the circulation, relaxes and tones the muscles.

5. Sludge, mud and clays are also used in the treatment of rheumatisms chronic, joint injuries that occur with inflammatory processes, back pain, and even as a means of preparation for the subsequent application of therapies manuals

6. They can be used as a reflex technique by applying localized heat to the nerve root origin of the body segment that we want to treat.

7. As all the techniques of thermotherapy , sludge and clays are used as a means to raise body temperature and cure inflammations , particularly in the neck, shoulders and back.

8. The volcanic rock muds are used as such or mixed with paraffins or other substances that give them the proper density for their handling in the treatment of muscle injuries , but also in aesthetic matters. The treatments are performed daily and in periods of between 15 and 40 minutes.

He resorts to the benefits of mud therapy to show off beautiful skin, but not before carrying out a sensitivity test.

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