8 benefits of hydrotherapy

The hydrotherapy It is known since ancient times, it is enough to remember the Roman baths, the Arab baths or the Mexican temascales. It is a therapeutic technique that has a long tradition in different societies and that has proven its benefits in the treatment of various diseases .

In the following video, Dr. Andrés Humbser explains what hydrotherapy is and the benefits of this alternative therapy for a healthy life, as well as its basic techniques such as hyperthermia , the steam bath and the colon wash.


Know the benefits!

Water is life and health, whether in jets, steam, hot or cold, it has many benefits for your health, such as the following:

  1. The therapeutic power of the vital liquid helps to fight the effects of different ailments, especially through the use of thermal waters, with marine contents and other additives.
  2. Since the end of the 19th century,hydrotherapy has been studied more and more due to its beneficial effect for the treatment of many pathological conditions, such as trauma, rheumatism, digestive problems,allergies,  diseases respiratory and neurological.
  3. With the use of hot water dilates the superficial blood vessels, helping circulation in those areas. Some substances present in water, such as in the case of spas, can enhance the effects ofhydrotherapy .
  4. To accelerate the healing process of ainjury serious, for example, in the case of athletes, water is a fundamental element, because it allows an early start of functional recovery.
  5. The aquatic environment is the key tool for the recovery of ainjury be as early and progressive as possible, because the injured person can work with a higher or lower percentage of discharge depending on the severity of the contusion or the evolutionary phase of it.
  6. In the case of people withcerebral palsy , particularly children, water is fundamental in their rehabilitation. Aquatic physiotherapy allows them to relax theirmuscles and making movements that out of the water would not be possible. According to a physiotherapist at theAssociation of Cerebral Palsy of the Balearic Islands, in Spain, there are children who can not move out of the water, but inside themselves and that reinforces their self-esteem.
  7. Thehydrotherapy It also reports multiple benefits in those patients who present excessive relaxation of theirmuscles (hypotonia) They take advantage of the resistance offered by water.
  8. In the case of patients who wear splints, diapers or who remain long hours seated, a session ofhydrotherapy represents a moment of freedom. In addition, they obtain improvements in the march, in the balance and in the coordination.

There are some centers specialized in hydrotherapy such as spas and spas, where they use mineral-medicinal waters, combined with algae and sand, to alleviate various ailments or improve body aesthetics. And you, would you like to use this type of therapy?

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