7 tips to sleep well

Various investigations indicate that the amount of dream What we need actually remains relatively the same throughout our lives, between eight and eight hours and a half. They also point out that dream Uninterrupted contributes to good physical and emotional health at any age.

Sometimes, our ability to handle the stress It will also be affected by evil dream . In addition, the lack of an appropriate amount of sleep time can lead us to a aging premature, compromise our immune system and threaten our health in general. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to our habits of dream , following these tips:

  1. Before going to bed use light attenuators or turn off some switches, or lamps to lower the intensity of the lighting in your house or apartment.
  2. When it comes to quality sleep, nothing like a spacious and comfortable bed that invites a dream Deep, plus a duvet and extra pillows.
  3. When you start to feel dream , go immediately to bed, do not stay to sleep on the sofa.
  4. Use your bedroom to sleep, rather than office, study or entertainment center. Televisions, radios, iPods, iPads, computers and even cell phones should be out of your reach, so you disconnect literally and psychologically from them.
  5. When you can not sleep, try to use images and thoughts to relax, as well as some other technique breathing .
  6. If you do not reconcile the dream After 20 minutes of lying down, get out of bed and read or perform any other silent activity. Wait until the dream and go back to bed
  7. Keep the alarm clock away from your sight, as watching the hours go by without sleeping is not very helpful, on the contrary, it will take you to a state of anxiety that will keep you awake

Put these recommendations into practice and get a better rest!

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