7 tips to prevent flu

As every year, the spread of influenza increases in each cold season or sudden changes in temperature. There is no infallible remedy, so all treatments are focused, mostly, to relieve their symptoms.

Among the most common forms of infection are inhaling the virus, exchange saliva, contact the mouth or nose with contaminated objects, etc.

In healthy people, the flu lasts one to two weeks; However, poor care can have serious complications such as pneumonia.

The prevention measures recommended here are focused on eliminating or reducing the spread of the virus. Remember that health care can be maintained with small changes in habits.


  1. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet . You can take advantage of seasonal fruits, which besides being economical, have vitamin C.
  2. Wash your hands regularly . This will help to eliminate the possible contagion by objects with the virus.
  3. Avoid closed spaces with crowds of people . A good example is public transport, since the number of people is considerable, the temperature is warm and the sneezes are constant.
  4. Ventilate the rooms. This advice applies to homes and offices. The air must circulate constantly.
  5. Avoid smoking . Without a doubt, smoking favors the complication of pictures due to the flu.
  6. Sleep properly. The human body needs time to regenerate and maintain its basic functions, so sleeping properly will help your defenses.
  7. Do not expose yourself to sudden changes in temperature. If you expose yourself to extreme temperatures, you'll better equip yourself with accessories that minimize the impact of cold air on the chest and nose area.

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