7 tips to eat more fruits and vegetables

Both are the basis of a healthy and successful diet for lose weight . However, for some people it is difficult to include them in their diet everyday, although they are rich in flavor and contain a lot of nutrients for the body. According to the Mayo Clinic , there are 10 tips for you to enjoy the fruits Y vegetables , without getting bored:

1. Add a banana or some other fruit as strawberry or blackberry to your cereal and / or yogurt of your preference

2. Includes one small salad daily before your main course in the meal

3. If you want to consume cooked vegetables , you can steam them and combine them with meat, chicken or seafood

4. Prepare sauces from Fresh fruits that you can add to your favorite dessert or if you like bittersweet foods, you can mix the sweet flavor with salty

5. A healthy snack is to consume a fresh apple, an orange or jicama, cucumber and carrot with a lot of lemon and little salt, to avoid the retention of liquid.

6. Try all the fruits. Consume fruits and vegetables with which you are not familiar, to give variety not only to your palate, but to your body, in order that your metabolism accelerate and lose the grease the rest

7. If you are a lover of sandwiches, you can add vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, tomato and a low-calorie dressing.

In this way, you will allow your digestive system work better, you will lose weight and you skin It will stay detoxified and younger.

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