7 things you gain by losing weight

Many times we have heard about the benefits of losing weight, among them that you prevent the appearance of diseases, such as degenerative chronicles, that you fit your clothes, etc., In addition, there are some little visible or known benefits for losing weight:

1. Reduces migraines. In a study conducted in the United States, it was observed that migraine it is more frequent and causes more disability in obese patients. The risk of suffering it increases 40% in women with obesity general and with concentrated fat in the abdominal area; meanwhile, almost the same percentage is seen in obese men, which reach 30%, according to the Migraine Action Association.

2. You protect joints. The overweight It is the main cause of pain in the joints because it generates premature wear and tear of the muscles, cartilage and tendons in areas such as the knee, among others.

3. You avoid hiatal hernia . Being obese or having overweight increases your risk of developing a hiatal hernia or experience more severe symptoms of the disease. Weight loss can help prevent or reduce symptoms.

4. Reduce column problems. The weight gain It weakens the muscles of the trunk, which causes wear in the back of this area called acetal arthrosis, in addition to excess fat affects posture.

5. No sleepiness. In addition to other factors, the obesity is constituted as one of the causes of daytime drowsiness Y chronic fatigue , which prevents adequate rest and forms a vicious circle in terms of weight gain, according to researchers at the Pennsylvania State University.

6. Balance improvements . Due to excess weight, an older adult, for example, runs from 20 to 30% higher risk of falling, which can result in fractures and other muscle problems, depending on the American Geriatrics Society . In the same way, the overweight It can affect children under 5 years old.

7. You increase social relationships . With the loss of weight, the number of interpersonal relationships increases because self-confidence and self-esteem increase in a person, which also allows to act with greater security when interacting with other people.

Remember that in order to enjoy all the benefits of losing weight better, it is important that you do it in an oriented way and little by little, so that it does not generate other types of consequences or discomforts.

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