7 things you did not know about the apple

There are many benefits of apples for your health, for example, an investigation by the department of Nutrition of the University of Florida , ensures that consuming this fruit helps eliminate toxins from your body.

According to information published by The Huffington Post , other benefits of apples such as weight loss, decreased risk of cardiovascular accidents but, what things do you not know about this food?

1. It generates allergies. Although they are rare, some people have a negative reaction to the apple. The specialists detail that the pollen of birch that is in the shell can cause irritation in the throat.

2. Burn fat. An investigation of the University of Iowa He details that the ursolic acid found in the rind of this fruit helps reduce brown fat, which reduces the risk of obesity.

3. Correct way to eat it. Although you do not believe it, there is a way to take advantage of every inch of the apple, since when we bite it in a circular pattern, we waste 30% of it. The ideal is to start biting from above.

4. They have air. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Botany It suggests that this fruit has 18% air, which influences the growth of the fruit.

5. Prevents respiratory problems. Because of its high content of the antioxidant quercetin, eating five or more apples a week improves your lung capacity.

6. It fills you with vitamin C. Eating a medium apple helps you strengthen your immune system.

7. Prevents cancer. A study of French National Institute for Health and Medical Research in Strasbourg , France suggests that additional compounds of this food such as triterpenoids helps prevent colon, liver and breast cancer.

In addition, the consumption of this fruit favors the production of acetylcholine, which promotes an adequate communication of nerve cells; This allows you to improve your memory and reduce the risk of suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer's.

For all these reasons do not hesitate to incorporate the apple to your daily diet, as it will help you to discard everything that harms your body. Go ahead and improve your habits. And you, how many apples do you eat a week?

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