7 signs of bipolarity

Happiness and sadness are feelings that most people have experienced at some time in their lives, but what happens when these are symptoms of a Bipolar disorder ?

This is a disease in which patients are in a constant oscillation between depressive and manic states.

In Mexico, as in the rest of the world according to the World Health Organization , its detection is very difficult since it is confused with impulsivity, irritability and hyperactivity.

In accordance with Mariana Vergara, psychologist at the Patient Assistance Clinic of the Psychoanalytic Society of Mexico (SPM) ), the bipolar disorder develops at the end of the first year of life; age in which the infant experiences an abandonment, real or imaginary, of his mother.

The specialist, in an interview with GetQoralHealth , indicates that there are symptoms that can help family members and the patient himself to discover his suffering a Bipolar disorder:

Manic state

1. Euphoria.

2. Excess of energy

3. Talk very fast

4. Jump from one topic to the other.

5. Everything they can.

6. Perform risk actions.

7. Decreased sleep

Depressive state

1. He has no interest in anything.

2. Fatigue or low energy

3. Guilty feeling.

4. Deep pain

5. It is not good for anything.

6. Low self-esteem.

7. Excess of sleep

This disorder affects all aspects of the individual: emotional, family and work. If you discover that someone you love or you suffer, go to a specialist. Remember, a mental illness is not synonymous with madness. Beware!

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