7 myths of training with weights

1. Weight training causes women to acquire too much corpulence

On the contrary, currently, a correct training of force Increases femininity in women; improves the tone and definition of muscles , resulting in a firmer and more proportionate appearance. On the other hand, women will never be able to obtain amuscular volume as that of men, since they have much lower levels of hormone male sexual, testosterone , which is responsible for the increase in muscle volume.

2. When training ceases, the muscle will turn into fat

It is totally impossible for the muscle becomes fat because of inactivity because both tissues They are completely different.

3. Strength training will cause the muscles to become stiffer, deteriorating overall flexibility

This statement is not true; by increasing the muscle mass the subject does not become more rigid. With modern methods of weight training, when they are carried out correctly, they improve the flexibility , provided that the muscle is exercised through its ranges of complete movements.

4. Strength training damages the joints

The opposite is right. When performed properly and safely, strength training improves endurance ligaments that hold together the joint structures , which makes them more stable and less prone to suffer injuries.

5. If you do not sweat, you do not burn fat

This belief is false because the sweat is a mechanism of the body that is related to the ambient temperature: the more the temperature , more sweat, but it is not related to the burning of grease nor with the caloric expenditure.

6. If you exercise, it does not matter what you eat

The feeding It is a key factor. There is no point in training if you do not eat enough nutritious, healthy and adequate food at the same time.

7. When you stop exercising, you get fat

On the contrary, because when you increase your muscle mass Through the exercise of force, they burn more calories at rest that a person who has never done exercise . The perfect way to maintain body mass ideal, is the exercise aerobic combined with strength exercises . Remember to eat healthy and what is appropriate.

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