7 habits to consume less conservatives

What are the risks of food preservatives? These are chemical substances that, when intentionally added to food, tend to prevent or delay the deterioration caused to food by microorganisms. They are used today in many industrialized foods. Some of them are:

  1. Benzoates
  2. Parabens
  3. Propionates
  4. Sorbates

The conservatives that are used regularly are made of chemical compounds that contain sodium, as is the case of Sodium Benzoate. Its use is oriented to acidic foods such as: juices, pickles, cherries, margarines and dressings. They are low cost, but when ingested high concentrations epileptiform seizures can occur.

In addition, sodium is a mineral whose intake should be limited in people suffering from diseases such as: Systemic arterial hypertension and Renal insufficiency.

Some important recommendations for consuming less conservatives are:

1. It prefers the consumption of natural juices, instead of industrialized ones.
2. Cook homemade fruit preserves, instead of buying them at the supermarket.
3. Prepare dressings instantly, use lemon, vinegar or some oil instead of buying those industrialized.
4. Avoid consuming cheeses such as Swiss, since its content of propionates (preservative) is greater by nature, than that of other cheeses.
5. Check the nutritional label of industrialized products, look for the legend that says: "Free of conservatives".
6. Be sure to buy bread free of preservatives, as they are sometimes sprayed with sorbates to prevent the spread of mold.
7. Avoid the consumption of sausage and smoked foods, since their preservatives are associated with the formation of tumors.

You are responsible for your diet and your health, so in you is the key to improve your quality of life. And you, how many foods with preservatives do you consume per week?

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