7 habits that reduce fluid retention

Who at some time has experienced the sensation of heaviness, swelling of feet and hands, Cramps , Joint stiffness or belly swelling ?

Some of these symptom is due to a very common problem, especially among women, the fluid retention . This condition occurs when there is fluid accumulation in the tissues of our body.

The problem is when the body is unable to eliminate all the liquid that is needed to maintain this balance and is produced by everyday factors such as sedentary lifestyle , stress , climate, as well as taking medication .

Some studies warn that for reduce fluid retention it is necessary to discover the causes that originate it. To treat it effectively, the University of Mississippi recommends putting some Healthy habits .

1. Take an adequate proportion of water , 2 liters per day (8 glasses). If you dehydrated you hold liquids as a mechanism of survival . Drink plenty of water, fruit juices and other beverages without caffeine allows your body to be cleaned on a regular basis

2. Reduce salt consumption . The subsistence allowance with a lot of sodium are the first reason excess of liquids . Avoid processed foods, salty snacks and other foods with high sodium content . Substitute it for aromatic herbs and seasonings.

3. Increase the consumption of foods rich in water and electrolytes. Take onediet healthy and well balanced that includes many fruits, vegetables, cereals and foods with a lot of fiber.

4. Consume tea and herbal infusions , they generally do not have an effect diuretic .

5. Eat protein , because if they are missing from your diet, you can reduce the production of albumin and increase the fluid retention . The deficiency of calcium , magnesium Y vitamins B1, B5 and B6 can cause problems of retention . Take nutritional supplements if youdiet lacks these.

6. Avoid diuretics , unless it's low medical prescription , otherwise you can cause a rebound effect: they end up stimulating the action of the hormones that will order the organism to retain salts and water. You can substitute them for foods with a diuretic effect.

7. Get up at least once every hour , in case your work requires you to sit for a long time because it can cause swelling . Elevate your legs while you rest.

8. Do not wear clothes , shoes or socks very adjusted .

9. Perform activities that promote blood circulation like walking, dancing or riding a bicycle. With 20 minutes of physical exercise every day has been shown to help control the fluid retention .

10. Get plenty of rest , since it helps you prevent fluid retention, mainly in the legs, feet and ankles

Loles Vives, Master of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Central University of Barcelona , confirms that for reduce fluid retention you must follow a diet low in sodium and avoid foods that contain it such as sausages, preserves, cheeses, soups and commercial purées, mineral waters with gas and alcohol.

It is best to follow a diet rich in vegetables , vegetables , fruits , vegetables and carbohydrates Y potassium-rich foods in general. It is also important drinking water , preferably outside of meals.

Remember that it does not hurt go to the doctor if you discover symptoms of fluid retention .

Video Medicine: Water Retention: How to Reduce Bloating from Sodium- Thomas DeLauer (September 2022).