7 foods that reduce your appetite

Do you eat, but you're still hungry? Stress and anxiety are factors that not only trigger less healthy life habits, but also increase the need to eat more than what is required, producing long-term obesity or overweight. However, how can you reduce your appetite or increase your feeling of fullness?

According to a study conducted by scientists from the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom , the control of appetite or the feeling of fullness, is essential to reduce the progress of obesity. Although your research found that it is influenced by a hormone called leptin, there are food alternatives that can help.

GetQoralHealth , with information from Popsugar , presents you with seven foods that will reduce your appetite and increase your feeling of fullness:

1. Mint The smell of it is not only relaxing, it is also an appetite suppressant. Burn a candle with mint aroma or drink mint tea, both are ideal options.

2. Nuts Not only do they contain healthy fats that help keep cholesterol low, it also has fiber itself that suppresses appetite; since it is digested slowly so it stays longer in the stomach.

3. Oatmeal Half a cup of oatmeal contains five grams of fiber. In addition to that, oatmeal can help boost your body's levels of the appetite-regulating hormone cholecystokinin, which can help control appetite in some people.

4. Green tea The high content of antioxidants called green tea catechins helps speed up metabolism and burn fat, but also green tea affects the hormone leptin, which is responsible for controlling appetite.

5. Chewing gum. A study conducted by the biomedical research center Pennington and the University of Louisiana State has demonstrated the potential of sugar-free chewing gum in the control of appetite, through lower calorie intake and reducing dependence on snacks.

6. Carrots. A study of Wagening University, states that a type of fiber can reduce appetite by up to 60% and facilitate weight loss, this is the same soluble that can be found in carrots.

7. Avocado. It is full of fibers and is very healthy for the heart because it contains mono-unsaturated fat, suppresses the appetite when eaten in moderation.

Obesity or overweight, not only affects your appearance but also your health and your development in the world since it limits you to perform some actions. However, it is not impossible to achieve an ideal weight, everything is in your hands. Try it and take care!

Video Medicine: Healthy Eating : How to Control Your Appetite (February 2023).