7 causes of skin blemishes

With the arrival of heat, the sun exposure of our skin increases; However, is this the only factor that can intervene in the degeneration and appearance of spots on the skin?

Although it is only 5 mm thick, it is one of the most efficient organs of the human body, since it regulates body temperature, transmits pain or pleasure stimuli and acts as a protective barrier that prevents certain substances from entering the body.

But what elements can be so powerful to damage and generate spots on the skin, that this body can not fight? GetQoralHealth, with information from the portal Discovery Dsalud, presents you with seven of the most frequent ones:

1. Age As the skin loses elasticity its deterioration over the years is inevitable.

2. Phototype. It is known that whiter skins are thinner and contain less amount of collagen so they are more vulnerable to possible alterations, including spots.

3. Tobacco. It is shown that nicotine alters the activity of melanocytes, melanin-producing cells.

4. Contraceptive pill. They can alter the correct functioning of melanocytes.

5. Use of drugs. There are many photosensitizing medications.

6. Inadequate diet. The deficit of certain nutrients can lead to the appearance of spots.

7. Certain pathogens. Certain fungi and bacteria can cause the appearance of spots.

Beyond the origin or type, the spots on the skin can be prevented by taking good care of it: proper hygiene, avoiding prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, maintaining optimal hydration and, above all, a balanced diet rich in vitamin and minerals.

Maintaining a healthy skin is not an impossible issue, it is simply learning to take care of your health. Try it!

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