7 benefits of facial acupuncture

Acupuncture, used as facial treatment natural, it is a process of rejuvenation and revitalization designed to help the whole body feel younger, in addition to enjoying a softer and radiant complexion.

East facial treatment Natural is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which uses the insertion of small needles in specific areas of face, ears, neck, arms, trunk and legs through energy channels or meridians, according to biosalud.com

In this way, the flow of vital energy is stimulated which begins to circulate again and vigorously through the meridians, nourishing and repairing, among other things, the cellular regenerative functions.

Among the benefits this has facial treatment natural are:

1. It is not painful or requires a recovery process.
2. It stimulates and re-establishes the health and harmony of internal organs.
3. Does not produce sequelae or inflammation.
4. The results can be seen soon. The ideal is to have a treatment of 10 sessions, so the change and improvement is appreciated after half.
5. Al rejuvenate Naturally, the expression of the face softens and does not change or deform, so it is a good alternative to cosmetic surgery.
6. Help repair the function of the senses such as sight, hearing, taste, etc.
7. Positive side effects can include increased energy, weight loss, decreased anxiety and improved digestion.

To observe better results with this facial treatment natural, it is important to have an adequate diet and healthy habits, which will help you to make the process of rejuvenation be faster and notorious.

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