7 basic tips to achieve a flat stomach

Currently, there are millions of ads with products and tips that promise to achieve a abdomen of laundry and better yet a flat stomach . So, why do some people suffer from belly fat or inflammation ? Therefore, there are some basic tips to achieve a flat stomach.

A study of Rush University Medical Center explains that the body It is really designed to store grease . Before, when humans were hunter-gatherers, they needed the ability to store fat, which was burned during the winter months, when the food It was scarce.

Now that the food is plentiful, the storage of grease It must be moderate. Excessive consumption of calories will fall directly into a variety of risk factors and begin to influence a middle part of the body, the belly .

According to two experts, Rasa Kazlauskaite endocrinologist Prevention Center of Rush University , Y Sheila Dugan , of physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, the fat of the belly It is more than an aesthetic question. Many of the cardiovascular diseases , obesity , diabetes , among others, are related to the accumulation of belly fat and bad digestion .

ThusGetQoralHealth It gives you 7 basic tips to keep a flat stomach:

1. Improve the options of feeding , will activate the digestion . Eat vegetables in your main dish will leave less space for other foods that are not so healthy.

2. Eating some raw foods can cause inflammation and gases from the delay of the digestion: broccoli, onion, garlic, cauliflower, refried beans , among others.

3. Avoid fried foods because of its high content saturated fat causing indigestion and inflammation.

4. Replace the sugary drinks with Water will dramatically help reduce your consumption of sugar and therefore help maintain a belly with less fat.

5. Physical activity of moderate intensity (approximately 150 minutes a week), is the "magic pill" because the benefits for Health They go beyond keeping the waist or belly flat.

6. Do ABS part of the exercise routine, but only at the end with the intention of tone up after the burning of calories.

7. Lower the level of stress . It has been proven that managing emotions and stress influences symptom physiological that the body experiences, for example in the process of digestion .

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