7 bad habits that improve productivity

There are bad habits that cause a dismissal or block your work growth, however, there are some that you can use positively and get a promotion.

Check your Facebook While you are at work or watching those cat videos, they seem to be signs that you are a distracted employee.

However, it is not like that. In the right doses, these "bad" habits can do you a lot of good. Do not you believe it? Keep reading:


1. Having a messy desk. A desk with thousands of things about it does not have to be an organizational disaster. But keep your space work messy with the things that inspire you, or in a way that allows all your materials to be at hand has been shown to stimulate more creativity than an ordered space.


2. Publish in social networks. Maybe your boss does not like you being around all day Facebook Y Twitter , but posting updates about your projects and putting goals in the public eye makes you more responsible. "If you have an important goal you want to achieve, announce it on Twitter and Facebook so that others can encourage you," writes Bet Burgess, in Lifehack.


3. Wasting time on YouTube. The next time someone sends you an adorable video of cats chasing lasers, look at it without feeling guilty. "Cute objects can be used as an emotion inducer to induce careful behavioral trends in specific situations, such as driving and office work," researchers at the University of Hiroshima wrote for their study "The Power of Kawaii", In other words: tenderness creates warm feelings, and that's good for your work.


4. Chat with co-workers. Talking bad about people's work or speculating about their personal life is unprofessional. However, when you talk a moment is positive, studies show that a good talk increases mood for hours afterwards.


5. Being foul-mouthed. "Swedish scientists have revealed that employees who suffer unfair treatment in the work , and do not find a way to express their anger, they double the risk of having a heart attack, "a study reports." Researchers at the University of East Anglia found that saying rudeness at work helps employees cope with stress and frustration, and cursing can encourage team spirit. "


6. Sleep "five more minutes". There are few more stressful moments in a day of work to wake up naturally ... and realize that you've fallen asleep. Do not give up too much, you are doing your heart a favor. Research shows that people who wake up 5 in the morning can put themselves at risk for cardiovascular disease, even if they are getting enough sleep. The most restorative sleep occurs between 2 and 6:30 in the morning.


7. Dream Awake. Looking out the window thinking is not a waste of time. Not focusing on a stressful problem can bring the fastest solution, like the ideas you come up with in the shower or before going to bed.


Now that you know them, use them to your advantage so that your professional growth will be faster. Just remember that moderation is the key to everyone working, since excesses will damage your professionalism. And you, what bad habits do you have in your work?

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