7 accessories vs solar radiation

Expose yourself to the solar radiation or ultraviolet rays Without protection, it can cause various injuries in the skin , dehydration , immunosuppression , and even, skin cancer .

Exposure to Sun produces, over the years, an accumulation of radiations whose damage occurs in two stages: through a response inflammatory early that produces the redness of the skin (Sun burn ), and the Sun tanning and increase in thickness of the skin at a later stage.

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we tell you what accessories are basic to protect you from solar radiation:

1. Clothing . To protect you from the Ray wearing lightweight long-sleeved shirts, as well as long pants, preferably cotton, that allow you to breathe skin . Both preferably of dark colors and closed frames, since in this way you block the Ray .

2. Sunglasses . The best way to protect yourself eyes of the harmful effects of Sun is to get sunglasses with protection UV 100% Direct exposure can cause burn the corneas .

3. Hats and caps. Protect your face and head from direct exposure with these accessories that, in addition to a wide variety of shapes and colors, can prevent Burns in the skin of your face and heat hits , especially if you do outdoor sports activities.

4. Sunscreen Applies abundant amount of broad spectrum factor Solar protection 15 or 30 for skin sensitive. 30 minutes before exposure, covers all exposed skin, not forgetting sites such as ears, insteps, lips, neck and chest. Renew every 2 to 3 hours.

5. Shadows. A trick to take care of yourself Sun is the shadow: if your shadow is shorter than your height or you can not see it, the risk is high and you have to leave the Sun . You can also get hold of umbrellas and portable awnings.

6. Scalp. Perhaps one of the most exposed and least protected areas, which is why the use of handkerchiefs and light and dark colored blankets, as well as treatments or creams containing sunscreen Y rehydrating formulas .

7. At home . Even in your home you must protect yourself from the UV rays , which is why it is recommended to have curtains or blinds to block the direct passage of Ray , awnings in the courtyards and fans are not too much to keep the environment cool.

Remember that an effective way to avoid these damages is to avoid direct exposure to Sun , especially from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, when the radiation It is more intense.

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