6 ways to speed up your metabolism

By accelerating the metabolism , the grease It does not tend to be stored in the body and the person does not get fat. When it is slow, the grease It is stored and the person gets fat. The metabolic rate is the rate at which the body uses the available energy (or burns the calories ).

In general, the more muscle and less grease have your body, faster is your metabolic rate, explains Aliza A. Lifshitz M.D., former President of the Hispano-American Medical Association of California (CHAMA).

Therefore, in addition to exercise and drinking water constantly, there are several ways to speed up your metabolism and get more burning calories , according to the specialist:

1. Instead of large, well-spaced meals, eat small portions several times a day, but make sure you do not eat less than 1,200 calories a day or it will slow down metabolic rate.

2. Season your meals with spicy ingredients. A spoonful of chili or spicy Red or green crushed in your meals, for example, temporarily accelerates your metabolic rate.

3. Your body burns more calories when he does the digestion of proteins , that when it digests fats or carbohydrates . Eat foods rich in protein (lean beef, fish, turkey, chicken breast, tofu, nuts, beans, eggs, low-fat dairy products grease ).

4. Although for a short time and taken in moderation, coffee accelerates the metabolic rate. A Cup of coffee In the morning it is like an injection that increases your energy and your power of concentration.

5. Also the Green Tea It increases the metabolic rate by a couple of hours. Drinking two to four cups a day, causes the body to burn 17% more calories of the normal.

6. Avoid the subsistence allowance lightning (less than 1200 calories up to date). These subsistence allowance They help you lose weight (sometimes at the expense of a good nutrition ), but that weight loss comes from the muscle mass . And remember that the smaller your muscle mass the slower your metabolism

Remember that the results regarding a greater burning of calories and metabolic rate depend on several factors, as well as noticeable differences between people, such as their sex.

Men usually have a higher metabolic rate than women, because the female body has more fat and less muscle than the masculine However, the impact genetics and your life habits. For what is required above all of a change of attitude to get accelerate your metabolism with good results.

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