6 tips to keep your tan

You went on a trip to the beach for a few days and achieved a Sun tanning perfect. Now, the next step is to keep that spectacular color for longer. So you can achieve it, GetQoralHealth makes you the following recommendations to show off your Sun tanning the rest of the spring.

1. Include in your diet foods like spinach, watermelon and especially carrots, which not only nourish your body, but also segregate beta carotene , a substance that helps you maintain color Sun tanning for much longer.

2. Hydrate your skin with cocoa cream and coconut oil, which in addition to prolonging Sun tanning , it provides a unique shine. Likewise, you avoid getting "pellejitos" in the skin .

3. Exfoliate skin in depth twice a week, this way you eliminate the dead cells accumulated. Your color will fade a bit, but the tone of your skin It will be more uniform and free of spots.

4. When you shower, avoid hot water, as this makes the Sun tanning disappear much faster. Prefers cold water to prolong it and improve blood circulation .

5. Drink plenty of water, it is advisable to drink up to two liters distributed throughout the day. This way you skin It looks more hydrated, since after being exposed to the sun it is usually dehydrated and look opaque.

6. So that you Sun tanning become more uniform, prepare an infusion of black tea . Let it concentrate as much as possible and then apply throughout the body.

With these simple tips you will keep your Sun tanning for more time Do not forget to always use sunscreen with a minimum FPS of 30, although do not expose yourself to the sun. Take care of yourself skin and your health!

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