6 tips to beautify your arms

As a result of sun exposure, inadequate soaps, garments that cause allergies or lack of care, the skin of the arms can present stains or peeling .

There is nothing more seductive than arms soft and well delineated You do not have to spend a fortune. With these simple tips, which you can do in your home, you can achieve it.

1. When there is overweight tend to accumulate fat on top of the arms . The solution is to control the feeding and to stretch regularly, to lengthen the muscles and stylize the lines.

2. The area between elbow and the shoulder is one of the parts of the body by which the cells adipose They show a special preference. To avoid this, it is important that you act as soon as you notice the first symptoms. If you have discipline and are constant, with the application of a anti-cellulite cream and the massages to drain and reactivate the areas, you will soon notice the results.

3. The granites on top of the arm are usually produced by an accumulation of cells dead s in the Hair follicles , which is worse in climates and environments too dry. The best way to fight them is exfoliate the area twice a week with a horsehair glove and a gel specific to help reduce the pore and favoring blood flow .

4. Avoid aggressive soaps and prolonged baths, because they cause the skin to lose its function as a protective barrier and increase dryness. Apply a jet of cold water at the end of the bath to tone up and strengthen the arms.

5. It is important that hydrates daily with products that contain firming assets. Body oils, in addition to giving an extra hydration , bring a flattering glow when the skin She is tanned.

6. To tone your arms will be enough to pay attention to some everyday details. Acquire the habit of contracting muscles when you are reading, walking or watching a movie. When walking, do not leave your arms close to your body; move the joints of the shoulders , elbows Y dolls .

Your arms they are one of the most visible parts of the body; take care of them by following these simple tips and look free of imperfections!

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