6 steps to a manicure at home

One of the areas of the body that reflects your age are the hands. Whether due to carelessness, bad habits or genetics, your appearance is important because it is part of the personal aspect you project to others; However, what can be done to make them look young and smooth? Manicure could be the solution.

The manicure is a procedure through which not only is the nail shaped and painted, it also helps to eliminate dead skin cells from the hands through the exfoliation and detachment of the cuticle and skin that generates a view little aesthetics.

You can not always use a professional for a manicure, therefore GetQoralHealth It presents you five simple steps that will allow you to achieve it from the demureness of your house and with elements that you have in your kitchen:

1. Cleaning. Make a mixture with a little salt and a few drops of almond or olive oil and gently rub your hands and nails with it. In this way you will be able to exfoliate and eliminate dead cells.

2. Filing. If you have very long nails you can cut them, but it is preferable to file them even if it takes a little more time. It is very important to file in one direction and not in the form of a saw to avoid damaging them.

3. Moisten Once you have filed your nails, place your hands in a container full of warm water for 5 minutes.

4. Cuticle. This is not convenient to remove, unless it takes a long time without performing manicure and has it very grown. If so, use a cutter or orange stick and gently push back.

5. Massage Apply moisturizer on hands and nails while you perform a massage.

6. Enameled It is always advisable to keep the nails enameled, even if it is simply with a base or shine. To apply it must be done in a single brush stroke from the base to the tip of the nail. Between 2 and 3 strokes should be enough to cover the entire nail. If you want to apply a colored nail polish, you should always apply a base layer underneath to avoid staining the nail.

In addition to performing a good manicure, it is important to maintain a balanced diet as this will help you maintain the natural beauty of your nails and hands. Beware!