6 shocking physical changes of actors

The life of the actors is not as simple as it is seen at first glance, since they need to make some modifications to get or give life to a character; however, physical changes of celebrities can put your physical and mental health at risk.

According to information published by the portal Livestrong.com , diets and rigorous exercises that people practice to change their appearance, as is the case of celebrities, generates physical (decompensation) and psychological damages (depression, stress, low self-esteem and anxiety).

Very restrictive diets generate secondary damages in the body, since when losing the necessary nutrients of the body, the organism does not work correctly, reason why diseases such as anemia, decompensation, malnutrition, cardiovascular problems or ending in behavioral problems can be detonated food

According to a study published in the Jornal of Adolescent Health , the type of feeding directly influences the psychological behavior of people due to the low levels of serotonin and dopamine; so that people who have a restrictive diet record problems of anxiety, loneliness, sadness, stress and anxiety.

To avoid such problems, it is very important that celebrities have the guidance of specialists such as nutritionists, emotional coaches and physical trainers to keep their bodies in good condition. Do you want to know who are the actors that have undergone impressive modifications? Check out our photogallery and this article: //goo.gl/KQgKu

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