6 secrets of the clitoris

In the female anatomy the clitoris occupies a special place; It is an erogenous zone par excellence because it is a point of intense sensitivity capable of offering women the most intense sexual pleasure: orgasm.

However, how well do you know this part of the female body? GetQoralHealth gives you six curious facts about it. Get them!

1. Time to redefine it. Kleitoris is a Greek word meaning "little mountain". However, the Australian urologist, Helen O'Connell , revealed that the shape of the clitoris is more like that of a mountain, than that of a hill. According to the expert the vaginal wall is, in fact, the clitoris.

2. Your goal is sexual satisfaction. The clitoris is the only organ whose only function is to provide stimuli to achieve pleasure. It is the area of ​​the body with greater nerve endings; approximately eight thousand.

3. It is the equivalent of the penis. The structure of the clitoris is very similar to that of the penis: it has a glans, a foreskin and a body, but it is smaller, although its size varies from woman to woman.

4. Do you have erections? The clitoral response to stimuli during the excitement phase is swelling (evident increase in volume). The latter has been confused with the erection of the penis and has been misnamed "clitoral erection".

5. Where is it? 90% of its size is hidden inside the body. To begin with, it has a trunk that measures between 25 and 35 millimeters and between 3 and 5 millimeters wide. From there they start their roots that extend under the pubic bone, pass on each side of the vulva and end practically on the other side of the lips

6. Basic to reach pleasure. 90% of women need clitoral stimulation for orgasm to occur.

The clitoris is an erogenous zone that still has several mysteries; however, it is possible that this did not last forever, since the Ministry of Equality through the Women's Institute has allocated a budget to create the one since it has allocated a budget to a project "Map of Innervation and Sexual Excitement in Clitoris and Lips Minor " .

But the essential thing to be able to know this erogenous zone and any other is through the exploration, individual or in couple. So, what do you expect to try?

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