6 experiences without repentance

How many times have you thought: and if there were, or would I like, if I could? Behind these phrases, not only is the repentance , but also fear . The uncertainty that something could have been different or the possibility of having acted differently, can mark your future experiences and decisions.

However, if something is certain, it is that the experiences make us learn, good or bad, we all have some kind of learning that allows us to decide in the end, take alternatives or know in advance the consequences of them.

Regardless of your age, few or large amount of experiences, there are some things that are really worth living and experiencing because of the type of learning they give you, so in GetQoralHealth we present some of them:

1. Love: Despite the fact that on many occasions it is said that "loving hurts", the fundamental thing is that with each relationship you learn about your own ability to share the best of yourself with a special person, as well as get to know yourself better and learn to love yourself (or). Together with each person you learn something more that is worth living and enjoying, even for a short time.

2. Help other people : Reaching out to someone when they need it or ask for it, allows you to open the door to a friendship or to a different way of personal growth. In addition, sharing how much or little you have makes you a more valuable and whole person, not to mention that it is one of the actions that makes you feel more satisfied and with more self esteem .  

3. Traveling : One of the best ways to learn new things, people and cultures. It opens new panoramas to different ways of thinking and other customs, not to mention that it can be very fun.

4. Extreme sports : Dare to live this experience that besides benefiting your physical health, the adrenalin it will awaken in you new sensations, to realize that you can go beyond your limits.

5. Forgive : Not only makes you a more humble person, but encourages your own overcoming and prevents diseases related to this feeling, including Cancer, that can be related to grudges and hatreds. Free yourself from the past and start living in a different and full way.

6. Be a mother or father: You can not really prepare to be a father, much less have a guide to act in case of ... but every day next to a child is an insurmountable experience that you will never regret. You will even learn more about yourself as a person, because despite adversity, a son's smile is invaluable and he can do it all.

The world is too big and offers many things that could not be enjoyed in a single life, so think carefully about how you are investing your days.

Go beyond putting phrases or pictures in the social networks to show that you are happy, dare to have an adventure, to give a turn to your life and make sure that what you are doing and achieving is what you really love. Go out into the world for new experiences!

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